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Preliminary studies on fluidity and sensuality

for bass clarinet and marimba
dur : ca. 7'30" 

First performance : September 23, 2023

by Transient Canvas

at Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Seully Hall

About the piece



Preliminary studies on fluidity and sensuality emerges as an exploration of the seductive qualities often associated with water. It delves into foggy and misty imagery — diluted and submerged thoughts.


It’s a discreet and effaced discourse, where subtle and gentle sounds take center stage: an ever-quiet and restrained interplay — showing, but never too much, always retreating.


Two continuous scenes are proposed: in Scene 1, it dances, it plays; while Scene 2 sings, like an eroded love song, dissolving and emerging again.


As shy as they may be, these short pieces are, in a way, a tantalizing flirtatious dance between both instruments. Each gently caressing the other with subtly fluid movements and suggested phrases. As such, these musical images are all but faded, as if washed away. 

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