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Junkyard Construction: Why stop the swing?

acousmatic stereo piece
dur : 8'15" 


First performance : September 19, 2021

by Influx Acousmonium - Contemporary Music Lab

at Aristotle Natural History Museum, Thessaloniki, Greece 

This piece has received distinctions such as: 

  • 1st Prize at the Iannis Xenakis International Electronic Music Competition (2021) form the Contemporary Music Lab​

About the piece


English (original) 


The intention behind this piece is mainly to construct a discourse distanced from the elements that are traditionally explored in electroacoustic music, eg. texture and timbre. While these elements are undoubtedly present in the piece, it is first and foremost the rhythmic impetus — working around an unstable pulsation — its energy, as well as the imagery and the dramaturgy of the work that is highlighted. 


I have worked exclusively with a collection of sounds from my personal library as well as sounds that have been recuperated online (sort of objets trouvés), like a depository where I drew the parts that were best suited; hence the title “Junkyard Construction”. 

This comes from an interest to work with fairly limited resources (concerning equipment), which is also why it’s a stereophonic piece.


“Why stop the swing?” refers not only to the rhythmic content, but also to the swaying of unstable images that are being constantly re-contextualised, progressively detaching and revealing themselves as the inner drama unfolds. 

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