Welcome to the site of Luis Quintana. 


The function of this site is firstly to inform about and to catalogue my works. You will then find the work catalogue with their corresponding program notes and other information, rigorously and minutely documented; in most cases at least. As it is meant to be a perpetual work in progress, it is also incomplete and times even disorganised. In this sense it is a sort of mirror that reflects my behaviour and personality. 


Other than the list of musical works, I have intended to exhibit some of my writings, firstly some academic writings and (hopefully) soon to come some more personal writings, if my impending sense of discreteness allows it. It is here that the most annoying aspect of shaping this website reveals itself: an almost chaotic pluri-linguistic facet that some of my readers may find difficult to follow. It’s a fact that’s already exhibited in the titles of some of my works and that is only aggravated as one delves deeper into my pen. 


Finally, I have created a small collage of some works that I intend to highlight at any given moment, a sort of “à la une” intended for the curious wanderer which you can find immediately below… 


March 25, 2020